Above:  Autumn colors against a "Carolina blue" sky above Glen Falls in Macon County 

What makes this North Carolina travel website different from others?

NChistorichundred differs from other North Carolina travel sites both in its range and in its organization. This website is extremely comprehensive, covering a wide variety of attractions and points of interest. Here you get not just one site, one town, one county, or one region, but virtually every major destination point across the entire state.  Second, by grouping together counties into ten geographic regions, the user can more easily find destinations that are, at least in relative terms, in close proximity to each other.

How were the counties making up the ten regions determined?

In some respects, deciding in which regions to place certain counties was the most difficult challenge faced in the development of this website.  In order to achieve the symetry of having ten regions comprised of ten counties, neighboring counties had to be "separated" into different regions along admittedly arbitary lines.  These were, in a very literal sense, "borderline" decisions.  After visiting the home page for any particular county, users are encouraged to investigate attractions in of the counties that it borders, regardless of the region(s) in which those counties may have been placed.

Is everything on this website current and accurate?

Although every reasonable effort has been made to provide users with correct information, errors are always possible. More often than not, these errors will stem from the fact that the information is simply dated. There are more than three hundred attractions and points of interested featured on this website; obviously, each site cannot be updated every day. It is possible, therefore, that the hours and/or days of operation listed might no longer be accurate, that admission policies have changed, that items being exhibited may have been removed, or, more likely, that improvements have been made or new exhibits added that are not mentioned. Apologizes are offered in advance for any and all errors; readers are encouraged to go directly to the appropriate individual websites for the most up-to-date information. Users are also encouraged to report any errors found in this website so that they can be corrected.

Hezekiah Alexander Homesite, Charlotte, Mecklenburg County